"Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost" This was my number one movie as a kid, had it on VHS and it still gives me tingles today, EPIC 

Generic proud boyfriend post, This is my super talented girlfriend covering No Diggity, have a listen and feel free to pass on and share if you like

The key to success is consistency, For any one can do something great once
David-Samuel Bolton

I only have one and that is D-Money, It all came about when i was in New York and a member of brooklyn rap outfit Blood Brotherz was signing a CD for me and he asked my name and in my ultra posh english accent well posh to some kid from brooklyn i said “it’s david-samuel” he said man that’s so british, while your out here we got to give you an east coast name and so D-Money was born, Thank’s Blood Brotherz

Well plan’s i don’t tend to have them, I tend to have ideas and then just go with them nothing really gets to the plan stage it just kind happens or get’s done, Dream’s and goals well i don’t really think about these things to much going to have to go with the tired cliche of just being healthy and happy as long as i wake up in the morning thats good enough for me, but i would not say no to settling down in the quite town of green bay WI 

There are so many people past and present but i guess you can’t have past as if they are dead you would just be in the ground for a day so for that reason i am going to go with some one who is still going strong today and that person is Sir Richard Branson, Why? Well first of all he is British and i would always pick a fellow countryman and secondly he seems like a really nice guy and thirdly there is nothing you could not do in that day you got as him, You could fly all over the world, hang out on your own island, go into space, how cool is that, this man is a legend simple

Day 16- Another picture of yourself